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April 2018

The Conservation Conundrum; The Master's Hand? The Return of #5WomanArtist; The Right Side of History? Museums in Today's America; Directors Have Their Say

January 2018

The World of Judy Chicago; Ai Weiwei and New York City; Can Spring Be Far Behind? Notes About an Artist: Rufino Tamayo; NEH Grants Millions for Humanities

October 2017

FAKES!; Fake Heritage for the Fake News Era; Museums for All; American Alliance of Museums, Sepetmber Report; Ai Weiwei Weighs in on Refugee Crisis; Museums Join the Fray; Job Description; About Martin Ramirez; To See or Not to Sell

July 2017

Proposed Budget Poses Questions; Recent Posting by the NEA; The Arts and "Our Town"; Immediate Reseast: Santa Fe"; A Story About Richard Gerstl; Great Builings: Inspiration or Burden?

April 2017

Speaking Up: Politics Invades the Art World; Open Letter; Another View of Iran; An Old Song: Don't Worry, Be Happy...; American Alliance of Museums--AAM--Needs Help; Notes About an Artist: Charles Sheeler; Resurgence: Presenting "Old Mistresses"; How to Spot a Knackered Picture

January 2017

Visit New England; Art Preservation Scheme; Wildensteins and Caravaggio; Notes about an Artist: Leonardo Cremonini; The Donald and The Arts; The Internationalization of Museums; Books.

October 2016

Museums for All; The Wall;  Pamuk on Museums;  Protection for International Art Loans; Notes about an Artist: Yinka Shonibare.

April 2016

Tefaf to Come to NYC; Exhibitions Describe Haard Times: Anti-Semitism on Display at the New-York Historical Society; Women Invade the Salon; Forced Sales Diring WWII; New Book Series Covers Women Artists

October 2015

News from Brooklyn; Exhibitions Labels: Do they "Grab" your Audience?; Excellence on a Small Scale; Notes about a Collector...Who Is He?; Code of Best Practices; Riot Grrrl.

April 2015          

"Code of Best Practices" Published; National Gallery Enhanced by Corcoran Works; The Blind "See": Touching the Prado; Rothschild Collection Moves to Boston; Notes about Frida Kahlo; Copyright Law Begets Uncertainty--but not to artists; Art and Science Experts Come Together: African Works CAN be Authenticated.

October 2014

Augsburg: Art Hub of the Renaissance; Kandinsky; Customs in Modern Burma; Puzzling Views

April 2014

An Old Story Retold; President's Purposed Budget; William Glackens; The Spieglitz Circle; Woodcuts & the Modern Book; New Job Title Offers New Ops; Ancient Story Told by Textiles; Is it Photography?

October 2013

Old Soldiers Never Die; The Complaint Department; Magnetic Museums; What to Do When Your Museum Job is Terminated; Playing and Learning; What is Intellectual Property; Artists on the Rise; Woodblock Prints.

 April 2013

The Dilemma of Social Media; Contemporary or Old Master...In or Out?; Miss La La a la Degas, the story of a painting; Notes from the American Alliance of Museums.

Fall 2012

AAM Asks Questions, Spreads the Word: Qs & As; Learning to See/Seeing to Learn; Studios of Homer and Wyeth Now Open; Guy Rose Impressionist

April 2012

Getting Ahead in U.S. Museums; Have a Drink: The Frame Matters; A 1960s Renaissance; Books

October 2011

Museums Defined: Museums as Educators, Museums and theSocial Media; The Arts & Medicine, Susan Shifrin and F. Michael Angelo; Museum Studies and the Museum Community, Annette B. Fromm; The Art o f Film, Sheril Antonio

July 2016

Hidden Treasures; Billions Spent on Museum Expansions; Museum Directors Measure Success; Gauguin the Gardener; NEH Announces Public Humanities Projects Grant Program; Senate Examines Private Museums; Censorship; Notes about an Artist: László Moholy-Nagy.

January 2016

AAM News; Syrian Artifacts Come to U.S.; Yale Digitizes Great Depression; Guerrilla Girls Target Billioniares and Twin Cites; Culture Bus Tours Couhtry with Arab Artists Aboard; LA/LA: The Call from Los Angeles to Latin America; Notes about Giovani Benedetta Castiglione.

July 2015

Echoes of Black Mountain College; Say "Hi" to the Digital Docent; New Art in Old Museums; Women and Nature.

January 2015

Progress Report: Finalists for Helsinki Guggenheim; Saga in Detroit; Elite Colleges See the Light; Madame, Collector Extraordinaire--Helena Rubenstein; New Ideas, New Acolytes; Report from the AAM: Salary Study; Success Story: Crow's Shadow Institute; About El Greco; Here Comes the Future; Crossword.July 2014

A Bit of History; Romanticism and the Landscape; Notes About an Artist: Mel Bochner; Odessa: At the Eye of a Storm; Weiwei-isms: The Master Speaks

January 2014

With Money Tight, Museums Take it Off; Art, Observation, and the Police; A Few Good Men...; Marc Chagall, Jess and Robert Duncan, Robert Indiana; Street Art ControversyWhitewashed; Performa 13 Takes Over NYC; Complaint Department: Are Art Fairs Fair??; Sacred Visions:A Short History of Biblical Art in the 19th Century; BRIEFS; winter VIEWS; puzzling VIEWS

July 2013

Biennale; Notes about Ellsworth Kelly; Building an Emergency Plan; African-American Art Hits the Museums; Museum Statistics; Research--Surprise Findings; Baruch and Rubin Pair up fo Conference; Travel oOff the Beaten Track; Textles in Denver

January 2013

Boston Area Museums Get New Directors; Odd Couplings in the Art World; Reality Ivades the Museum World; Mannerism

July 2012

Taking Over, Filling Shoes, Moving On; Museums Fulfill Teaching Mission; Race for Zodiac; Barnes Foundation Opens; Definitions; What's Out There for Summer Travelers?; Edouard Vuillard

January 2012

The Law and Things Legal; New Communication Series, Judith O'Toole, Westmoreland Museum of Art, PA; Deaccessioning Revisited, Jmes Mundy, Loeb Art Center, NY; Antiquities Market

July 2011

Building a Dream; Do You Know Your ABC's? Julie W. Van Balrcom; Groups Unify to Promote Destination, Stanley Grand and Wendy Nagle; Loyal Suporters Enhance Collections, Dr. John Z. Lofgren; Lying in Wait, Joseph Ruzicka; Notes for Travelers.

April 2011 

Revolution!!! The Modernist Revolution: Cezanne Preempts Science; The Facebook Revolution: Have you "friended" me yet?, Stanton Thomas, Ph.D.; My Million Dollar Idea, Avis H. Anderson; The Enternational Council of Museums: Another Membership? Annette B. Fromm; Embodied Memories: The Work of Trauma in Art, Allison Leigh-Perlman.

January 2011 

Animal Caricature: An Exploration of Irreverence, Robert S. Wicks, Ph.D.; Directors Meet.

October 2010
Metrics of Success in Art Museums, Maxwell L. Anderson, Indianapolis Museum of Art; Independent Curating, Judith Tolnick Champa.
July 2010
Picasso looks at Degas; Annette B. Fromm, Florida International University; Kathy Foley, Woodson Art Museum; Brenda Raney, Science Museum of Minnesota.
April 2010
Mystery in Art; Howard McPhail, Mobile Museum of Art.
January 2010
Strategies for Museums; Jenny Benjamin, Small Museums Administrators Committee, AAM.
October 2009
Building Green; Brodsley and Heiman; Frank Robnson, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art.
July 2009
Facing the Recession; Frank Robinson, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art; Neil Watson, Katonah Museum of Art; Susan J. Bandes, Kresge Art Museum; Kevin Sharp, Dixon Gallery and Gardens; Joseph Schenk, Art Museum of South Texas.
April 2009
Ins and Outs of Publishing: Image Rights and Permissions, Christine Sundt, Visual Resources; William Moreno, Claremont Museum of Art; John Vanco, Erie Art Museum; Peter Linette, Slover Linett Strategies Inc.
January 2009
Books, Books, Books; The Forger's Spell; Paintings in Proust; A Museum of Their Own; Rebecca Massie Lane, Washington Country Museum of Art.

October 2008
Chinese Art; China's Artistic Legacy; Frank Robinson, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art; Lisa T. Hanover, Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art; Julia M. White, Berkeley Museum of Art.

July 2008
Fakes, Forgeries...and the Law; Joseph C. Gioconda, Esq.; Nicole Roylance, Smith College Museum of Art.

April 2008
Science/Art; Art/Science; Jason Palmer, New Scientist; Patrick Cavanagh, Nature; Ruth Waters, Peninsula Museum of Art; Frank Robinson, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art; Charles Venable, Speed Art Museum.
January 2008
The Ups and Downs of Deaccessioning; Karl Lawson, Maier Museum of Art; Terence Pitts, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art; Kathleen Walsh-Piper, University of Kentucky Art Museum.

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