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 Who We Are

museumVIEWS of New York, New York, aims to broaden the vision of professionals who are involved in running museums and in creating and/or preparing new exhibitions.

museumVIEWS is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization headquartered in New York City. We publish a quarterly newsletter that serves as a communication link between the small and mid-sized museums across the country, and a clearing house for the ideas and issues of this special constituency.  




Who We Serve

museumVIEWS provides a forum designed for professionals in museums that have been underserved and, because of financial restraints, are sometimes unable to communicate with each other. We benefit all small and mid-sized museums by enabling them to share ideas, to collect and save them in idea banks from which curators may draw for future use, and to showcase their considerable accomplishments. We hope to foster advances in the running of small museums by informing directors, curators, and others about new technologies and techniques in management.


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